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Technology Factsheet

Compact Series Laser

Category: Characterization > Inspection > Others
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The Compact Laser is part of the Transversely-Excited Atmospheric-Pressure (TEA) CO2 laser product series offered by PaR. This series boasts 5 different TEA Compact models, each having have a selective repetition rate and high power output. Configuring the laser pulse energy selectively controls total output energy, providing optimal flexibility for the end user. Each laser unit is packaged into a single, well-designed and ergonomically sound enclosure. The Compact laser also features a corona pre-ionizer and solid state switch pulser delivering roughly 10 billion reliable pulses ensuring minimal down time. The system design also allows for easy maintenance and easy servicing with easily removable panels and straightforward access. Due to the high degree of stability, the laser resonator requires no adjustment after the initial cavity alignment, after site commissioning. Fully automated, the laser unit offers advanced features such as an RS232 interface to facilitate local as well as remote computerized control. Applications: • Non-Destructive Inspection • Wire stripping • Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) • Material surface treatment • THz imaging systems • Mould / die cleaning • Surface de-coating • Paint removal • Master Oscillator Power Amplifier (MOPA)


• 5W - 100W power output • 200mJ - 5J pulse energy • Up to 500Hz repetition rate • 50ns - 100ns optical pulse • Atmospheric pressure • Local / remote control • Solid state switch



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