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Technology Factsheet


Category: Decontamination > Mechanical Surface Removal > Other
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NitroJet technology uses pressurized liquid nitrogen and varying nozzle configurations for precision cleaning of castings, removal of coatings, cutting of composites and industrial cleaning. The technology is highly effective in removing contamination from concrete and is able to scabble up to 25 mm of concrete in one pass. A vacuum capture system can also be integrated to capture the contaminated material that is removed. Powered by liquid nitrogen, which is chemically inert and rapidly converts into a gas, NitroJet helps eliminate cross contamination and secondary waste streams. Additionally, NitroJet's visible spray extends only 46 cm (18 in.) before it is readily absorbed into the atmosphere, reducing employee injury rates well beyond water or abrasive jets. " Large Area Dry Decontamination Technology " www.nitrocision.com


Improved worker safety, minimizes secondary waste stream, viable alternative to other processes.


Very narrow area decontaminated per pass. Not suitable for large areas.




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