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Technology Factsheet

EGS Electrical Penetration Assemblies

Category: Waste Management > Waste Material Handling & Storage > Engineering Control
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Electrical Penetration Assemblies (EPAs) transfer electrical power and signals through the containment wall and ensure the containment pressure boundary is maintained during design basis accident conditions. This dual function, as a safety-related electrical and mechanical device, makes the EPA an unique nuclear component. EPAs are configured with individual feedthrough modules that are mounted to a bulkhead flange, header plate, or canister. Feedthrough modules are constructed with electrical conductors to pass electrical signals or power, insulators, and seals in a stainless steel housing. Feedthrough modules and the bulkhead flange aperture are supplied with double redundant seals and internal nitrogen gas containment space for leakage monitoring. Applications: • Annunciator Panels • Fire Protection Panels • Sampling Panels • Electrical Control Panels • Instrument Panels • HVAC Control Panels • Custom Cabinets and Racks • Electrical Distribution Panels • Process Flow/Control Panels


Features: • Feedthrough modules with integral lead wires • Flanges, canisters, or header plates Junction Boxes (both inboard and outboard) • N2 pressure gauge and shut off valve





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