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Technology Factsheet

Ice Blast with Chemical Softener

Category: Decontamination > Mechanical Surface Removal > Ice Blasting
Reference # : Model No : MX-90

A chemical softener is sprayed on the painted surface to be removed and left on for several hours. After the chemical has dissolved the paint, the softener and the reacted paint are removed by scraping with hand tools. The remaining paint will then be removed by ice blast. Ice blast utilizes ice particles made from tap water to de-coat and clean surfaces without damaging substrates. Ice is produced essentially instantly and continuously for blasting. The ice is transported via compressed air through a hose to a specially designed, ergonomic blast nozzle to be propelled against the surface to be cleaned. By varying the blast pressure, the ice blast system can remove a variety of coatings from hard and soft surfaces. Dimensions of Tech Model (L x W x H): 64" x 36" x 52" Weight of Tech Model (lb.): 1,400 lbs


Low waste generation. Simple equipment requiring little maintenance. Compact size of equipment. No recycling / waste water processing requirements. Low operating cost. Low capital cost.


The technology was not effective in removing epoxy or anti-corrosive paint.




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