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Technology Factsheet

EGS Electrical Seals

Category: Waste Management > Waste Material Handling & Storage > Engineering Control
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Curtiss-Wright Nuclear supplies safety-related and environmentally qualified electrical interconnection products, known under the brand name EGS. Manufactured in Huntsville, Alabama, all EGS electrical devices are qualified by test for the harshest conditions, inside and outside containment areas, in PWR, BWR, and CANDU reactors. EGS is comprised of a broad range of products, from Class-1E compact splices up to reactor cable assemblies, and has become internationally known as a world leader in the supply of safety-related connection devices. All EGS products are manufactured in accordance with ANSI N45.2, 10CFR50 Appendix B, and 10CFR21, in addition to being NQA-1, NUPIC, and NIAC audited.


• Easy installation/simple assembly procedures • Multi-conductor capability up to six #12 or #14 AWG, or up to eight #16 or #18 AWG • Avoids twisting of lead wire • Small and lightweight, less than 1 lb. • Utilizes existing field wire, no splicing • No special tools or preassembly required • No maintenance • Coarse threads • Easy interface with device and conduit • Used on variety of devices such as solenoid valves, transmitters, RTDs, TCs, pressure/limit/level/position switches, etc. • Compatible with ALARA considerations





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