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Technology Factsheet

Leak Rate Monitor

Category: Characterization > Monitors > Leak Detectors
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Curtiss-Wright Nuclear now offers a new generation of leak rate monitoring system. The Graftel 1401 is the industry standard in nuclear applications for leak detection. Our Local Leakage Rate Testing Systems are a compact, light-weight and rugged system used for performing flow make-up, or pressure decay Type B and C tests on valves, flanges, airlocks and other containment barriers. These state-of-the-art units utilize all digital flow instrumentation. The microprocessor based laminar flow elements may be relied upon to accurately and repeatability measure air or nitrogen flow. Flow rates are direct reading in units switchable between scfh, slm or sccm. Either air or nitrogen may be used. Pressure and temperature effects are automatically compensated for, no correction factors are ever required. Applications: • Isolation Valves • Containment Hatches • Check Valves • Electrical Penetrations • Airlocks


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