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Technology Factsheet

Enertech Snubbers

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Emergency Response > Spill Response Equipment
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Enertech, a brand of Curtiss-Wright Nuclear, provides large bore snubbers that have been supplied to over 100 nuclear power plants worldwide. The snubber design has proven its reliability for over 30 years supporting steam generators, primary coolant pumps and other major components. Enertech Hydraulic snubbers are used to provide protection to major components during a seismic event while allowing for thermal expansion and contraction during normal plant operation. The use of Tefzel seals and zero maintenance control valves eliminates the need for additional test sampling. Our field services include: snubber testing, rebuilding, retrofitting, trending, and condition monitoring services, data acquisition and analysis for predictive maintenance. Enertech also provides OEM replacement snubbers and spare parts for Anker-Holth/McDowell Wellman, E-Systems, Paul-Munroe, and Phoenix & Enertech Hydraulic equipment. Applications: • Steam Generators • Primary Coolant Pumps • Other Major Components


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