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Technology Factsheet


Category: Robotics > Other > End Effector
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The HydraNut® high temperature hydraulic nut is manufactured with metallic seals for high temperature, high strength applications or elastomer seals for low temperature, low strength applications. The hydraulic pack is universal to all HydraNut applications and includes one pump, with high pressure hydraulic hoses, fittings and manifolds. This system is a direct retrofit for any existing torqueing or tensioning application replacing the existing tooling and hex nuts or bolts. Each HydraNut is connected to a hydraulic hose, all hoses are connected through a manifold with one supply line back to the pump. All the HydraNuts are pressurized at one time with 100% simultaneous tensioning of all studs or bolts. This allows the flange to be closed in one uniform motion with even bolt and gasket loading. The HydraNut is used across multiple industries including PetroChem, Power Generation, Pulp & Paper, Mining, and Oil & Gas.


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