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Technology Factsheet

Porta Shot-Blast JHJ-2000

Category: Decontamination > Mechanical Surface Removal > Shot Blasting
Reference # : Model No : JHJ - 2000

Hand-held portable steel shot blaster. Blast pattern: 1" x 1.7". The debris accumulates in the dust collector and the shot accumulates in the hopper, after rebounding from the work surface. Gravity then pulls the shot into the impeller where it is recycled. Blaster holds approx. 2 lbs. of shot. Vacuum unit: Nilfisk (model GS625): The Nilfisk vacuum unit is a dual motor vacuum system equipped with a high efficiency particulate air filter for each motor. The vacuum unit is used to pull pressure into a 55-gallon drum where larger debris would fall. The smaller debris will then be pulled through twin HEPA filters where it will be deposited in the collection bin of the vacuum. Weight of Tech Model (lb.): 11 lbs.


Shot is continuously recycled while the shot feed spout is open. Machine can be operated either forward or backward while blasting. Can be used on both concrete and metal surfaces. Blast media is relatively inexpensive. This unit can be used in almost any plane of operation.


Not effective for heavy coating removal or deep concrete removal. Not recommended for large surface areas. A severe loss of shot results when the blast seals lose contact with the surface. Does not work well on wet surfaces.




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