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Technology Factsheet

Laser Coatings Removal/Decontamination System.

Category: Decontamination > Thermal Surface Removal > Laser Heating , Etching and Ablation
Reference # : Model No : A600

The Model A600 coating removal system is a fully portable laser-based coating removal and decontamination system. The system consists of four primary components: Laser Power Unit (LPU), workhead, interface module, and umbilical hoses. LPU is a trailer-mounted suite of equipment. It is the energy source for the system workhead, and transmits this energy to the workhead via fiber optical cables. The workhead contains the delivery end of the laser optics path. This includes the focusing objective lens and scanners ,and also the RGB camera for color sensing and an optically-safe view of the work surface. The Interface Module contains most of the electronics used for operator and safety functions. There are two separate umbilical hoses from the LPU to the workhead. One of them is used for waste collection, and the other contains the laser fibers and the electronic control harness between the LPU and the workhead. The operator presses one button to initiate an automatic startup sequence. The workhead is then removed from its storage compartment, and can be extended in any direction out to the 100 foot reach of the umbilical. The operator simply places the workhead against the work surface, and while viewing progress through a built-in video viewfinder, controls laser firing by using triggers incorporated into the workhead's hand grips. The computer system will analyze the surface, and fire the lasers accordingly, either removing a pre-specified thickness of paint, or pre-specified color of paint. The residue of stripping is vacuumed into the Model A600 filter system. Dimensions: LDU with trailer (LWH)- 293" x 109" x 117", weight - 11,000 lb. Workhead (LWH) - 16" x 6" x 12", weight - 4 lb. Interface Module (LWH) - 7" x 4" x 12". Umbilical length - 100 ft.


Easy system setup and operation. The system itself is eye and skin safe, thus no operator protection is required. Safe work environment: little noise, no airborne dust and almost no secondary waste generated. Light weight handheld workhead reduces operator fatigue. The work head can be extended up to 100 feet from main unit to surface to be removed, which increases portability and flexibility.


Low production rate. Not suitable for surface removal on large areas. The unit can not remove thin edges due to the surface-to-surface seal requirement. The system was not able to remove rust. It appeared to deoxidize surface of the rust. The final product will have to be treated by other method prior to repaint. Potential health risk because operators have a direct contact with contaminated surfaces during operation.




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