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Technology Factsheet

Marcrist Wall Shaver

Category: Decontamination > Mechanical Surface Removal > Milling/Shaving
Reference # : Model No : MSW300

The Marcrist MSW300 Wall Shaver is designed to remove a pre-determined depth of concrete from structures using diamond blades. The diamond blades are mounted on a specially designed drum which rotates during operation. In this particular technology demonstration, the MWS300 was deployed from a Brokk 250 excavator. The excavator held the wall shaver against the surface to be removed (wall or ceiling) during surface removal. Waste generated is collected via a dust shroud connected to a vacuum extraction system. The MWS300 is capable of shaving concrete up to 1800mm (71in) in length, 300mm (12in) in width, and 13mm (0.5in) in depth with each pass. The system produces a smooth finished surface, and no damage is conveyed to the surrounding material. Dimensions of Support Frame(LxWxH): 2300mm X 800mm X 1040mm (to top of Brokk connector). Dimensions of Shaving Head (LxWxH): 600mm X 400mm X 525mm. Dimensions of Diamond Drum: Max. Groove Spacing: 70mm, Diameter: 152mm. Total Gross Weight excluding Brokk 250: 450Kg.


The remotely controlled system minimizes worker's exposure to hazardous conditions and reduces operator fatigue. Easy to operate. Operation is dust-free. Generates little noise and secondary waste. End surface is smooth and even.


One removal pass measures approximately 6ft x 1ft. The shaver has to be repositioned for each pass. Repositioning takes about 2-4 minutes each time, which adversely affects the production rate. When working on a humid surface (e.g., due to rain), the vacuum tends to become blocked and work inefficiently




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