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Technology Factsheet

Cool Shirt

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Personal Protective Equipment > Heat & Cold Protection
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Cool Shirt is a heavy duty 100% cotton shirt with over 50-ft of medical grade capillary tubing stitched to the front and back, an adaptor kit for the shirt, one 12oz can of Port-A-Cool freezing spray and a sturdy can holder that can be mounted anywhere or hung from the users belt. The Cool Shirt system is powered by 12V; it is used as a self contained portable cooling system for workers, providing the portability needed to continue normal work functions without being tied down to a power outlet. Cool Shirt has a cooling system for virtually every application. Cooling systems include: HAZMAT Cooler Portable Cooling System (designed to be worn and operated inside a Level A or a Level B suit), Industry Single or Multi-Person System, Portable Bag System, Port-A Cool System, Comfort Cooler Waist Pack, Personal D-110 Cooling System and Port-A-Cool.


•Weighs 4 pounds with ice and water •Ease of use •Up to 2 hours of cooling per bottle •Less than a minute to change out cooling bottle •Consistent use of the system will help keep the employee safe, mentally alert and productive by helping to maintain a safe core body temperature while performing their tasks.






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