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Technology Factsheet

DuPont Tychem

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Personal Protective Equipment > Body Protection
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Dupont Tychem families of products offer protection in most types of hazardous environments such as liquid splash and radioactivity, to industrial chemicals and warfare agents. Tychem TK fabric provides known barrier protection against 321 toxic substances and more than 270 challenge chemicals. Garments are listed below from lowest to highest level of protection: • Tychem QC : • Tychem QC for corrections • Tychem SL • Tychem ThermoPro • Tychem CPF 3 Tychem Hazmat features a higher level of protection from moderate liquid splash to vapor protection. Garments are listed below from lowest to highest level of protection • Tychem BR • Tychem LV • Tychem Responder • Tychem Responder CSM • Tychem TK • Tychem Reflector There is also a reusable suit, Tychem SP. This suit can be decontaminated, cleaned and used again. You may also find Tychem accessories such as Decon Shower, Universal Pressure Test kit, Cool-Guard vest, and level A training suits.


•Reliable protection for minor chemical spills where there is potential for mist or light splash •Bright color provides contrast across a wide range of natural backgrounds for high visibility in the workplace •Lightweight fabric that is durable and resistant to tear and abrasion






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