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Technology Factsheet

Electro-Hydraulic Scabbling (EHS)

Category: Decontamination > Mechanical Surface Removal > Scabbling , Electrohydraulic
Reference # : Model No : EHS

The Electro-Hydraulic Scabbling (EHS) system (currently under development (1997)) is capable of removing up to one inch of concrete through a series of electrical pulses propagated under a layer of water between a pair of strip-shaped electrodes positioned with a minimum clearance over a concrete floor. The use of high current/short duration pulses create electric break down either through water or through a surface layer of concrete. Shock waves generated by this process result in cracking, spalling and crushing of concrete to a depth controlled by the discharge parameters. Dimensions of tech model (L x W x H): 8' x 4' x 5' Weight (lb.): 1700.


No dust is produced by this decontamination system. Strong electric "explosions" allow for deep and wide one-pass concrete scabbling.


The system produces sparks, therefore cannot be used in environments containing flammable vapors. The concrete surface revealed by this process is highly irregular. Current system cannot operate closer than 1 foot away from walls, edges, or other obstructions. The presence of water soluble media or contaminants severely reduces system efficiency.




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