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Technology Factsheet

KleenGuard M-Series Particulate Respirators

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Personal Protective Equipment > Respiratory Protection
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KleenGuard Particulate Respirators deliver durable, woven elastic ultrasonically bonded head straps which help keep the respirators securely in place without pulling or breaking. KleenGuard offers three levels of protection: 1. KleenGuard M10 Dual-Valve Particulate Respirator- (NIOSH N95-Product code 64260) The KLEENGUARD* M10 Particulate Respirator with Comfort Straps and Dual Valves represents a major advance in protective comfort. It features an innovative, new head strap design that's preferred over the headstraps of leading N95 valved respirators. Dual exhalation valves are designed and positioned to help reduce eyewear fogging. 2. KleenGuard M20 Particulate Respirator with Valve (NIOSH R95 - Product code 64410) (NIOSH P95 – Product code 64420) 3. KleenGuard M30 Particulate Respirator with Valve (NIOSH N99 – Product code 64520)


•Highly visible, color-coded, woven head straps •Exhalation valves to release uncomfortable moist air •NIOSH N95, P95 or N99 •Four levels of protection against dry and oily particulates •Latex-free






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