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Technology Factsheet

Hand Protection

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Personal Protective Equipment > Hand Protection
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North offers an array of hand protection such as: • Disposable Gloves – These are thin (4 to 6 mil) unsupported gloves, usually made from nitrile or natural rubber (Latex). Disposable gloves provide limited protection against liquids, oils, chemicals and mechanical hazards, but are an excellent choice for contamination protection. • Liquid & Chemical Resistant Gloves- Provide a continuous membrane that protects the hands from hazardous and non-hazardous substances. They are available in many different types and materials such as Poly Vinyl Chloride, Butyl, Viton and Nitrile. Choice is dependent upon the hazard being faced. • General Purpose Gloves – This broad category of gloves encompasses many different designs and materials. For the most part, they are intended to provide protection from dirt and mechanical hazards or to enhance the wearer’s grip. • Cut Resistant Gloves – Cut resistant gloves are specifically designed to provide protection against sharp objects such as blades, glass and metals. These gloves are made from materials such as Kevlar, Dyneema and stainless steel mesh which offer superior performance against mechanical hazards. • Controlled Environment – Controlled environment hand protection products range from finger cots to cleanroom gloves to glovebox and isolator box gloves. North Chemical Resistant Guide provides glove selection guidance. Included are permeation and degradation data for nearly 140 chemicals and 6 glove materials, plus relative mechanical performance data for 18 different North Cut Resistant Gloves (available on vendor website: www.northsafety.com). Product catalog available at www.northsafety.com


•High quality •Broad selection of materials, coatings and dipping methods for different applications •Comply with USDA and FDA regulations






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