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Technology Factsheet

Robotic Climber H-1 Model

Category: Decontamination > Mechanical Surface Removal > Ultra-High Pressure Water
Reference # : Model No : H-1

A remote controlled, free climbing robot using Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting within a contained vacuum shroud. This technology employs a self-propelled, joy-stick operated robotic device designated for surface decontamination, coating removal and concrete "scabbling". Variable water pressure (0 to 36,000 PSI) at low consumption rates is the medium used by the H-1 model. Adhesion to the surface is achieved by using a vacuum, enabling the robot to perform on vertical or inverted surfaces as well as horizontal flats and sloped surfaces. This vacuum also serves to capture the water from the removal process as well as the waste. Once captured, the waste/water is transported to a holding tank for future treatment and processing. The Robotic Climber is a work platform given mobility with two tank-like tracks powered by two independent motors. An Ultra High Pressure rotary nozzle with eight to fourteen spray tips housed beneath the robot spins at a high speed delivering the water jet to the surface which cuts an 8-inch path. A vacuum chamber houses the spray tips and is encircled with a seal which holds the robot to the surface and prevents the egress of water and waste into the environment. Dimension of technology model (L x W x H): 2' X 2' X 18" The weight of the technology model (lb): 67


Unit is remote controlled and easy to operate. Unit is not labor intensive. Unit is very maneuverable. High production rate. Unit can be easily transferred to another surface media. Unit can operate in wet conditions. Vacuum unit minimizes need for respiratory protection for operating personnel. Vacuum is self-contained and separates solid from water.


Operator has to secure the hoses when working on floors. Technology uses water and creates a considerable amount of secondary waste. Water is not recycled. The operator station has to be located within 500 ft of the robot. Ideal for flat surfaces but it is not functional on corrugated highly irregular surfaces and/or obstructed surfaces. Occasionally water cannot be completely vacuumed. Unit generated high noise level. Hearing protection is required.




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