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Technology Factsheet

OREX Ultra

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Personal Protective Equipment > Body Protection
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OREX Ultra is a new garment for the nuclear industry constructed of the new “Enviro-stasis” fabric which offers unprecedented protection from radioactive particulate contamination. The bilaminate Enviro-stasis fabric consists of two layers bonded together in a special process. A nonwoven fabric layer bonded to a specially engineered OREX film layer. The film layer forms an impermeable barrier to contamination while the inner, nonwoven layer is soft and comfortable against the skin. The unique properties of the fabric-film composite and the physical and chemical interactions between the two layers yield an extremely high water vapor transmission rate. The result is wearer comfort and a low heat stress index never before available. Diffusion, absorption- desorption and convection of vapor perspiration along with wetting and wicking of liquid perspiration all play a significant role in maintaining the thermophysiological comfort of the garment wearer. http://www.orex.com/pdf/2009%20Catalog/OREX%20Ultra%20(MVTR2%20print%20quality)%20Updated%20Version.pdf


• Strong and durable • Comfortable • Improved Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate compared to Dupont Tyvek Coverall. • See-Through pocket flap with EPD clip strap inside the chest pocket. • Double sleeve arrangement with inner sleeve thumbholes to facilitate dressing and eliminate cuff sealers. • Large cargo pocket on the thigh. • Reinforced crotch seam. • Double reinforced knee areas






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