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Technology Factsheet

Leg Protection

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Personal Protective Equipment > Body Protection
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Steel Grip offers a variety of different protection for legs which include spats/leggings, overpants, and chaps. The spats/leggings come in aluminized carbon/Kevlar, aluminized rayon, leather, nylon, Nomex, 40 cal/cm2, 50 cal/cm2, and 65 cal/cm2. Overpants come in aluminized carbon/Kevlar, 27.2 cal/cm2, 40 cal/cm2, 50 cal/cm2, 65 cal/cm2, aluminized PBI/Kevlar, aluminized Rayon, and aluminized Thermonol. Lastly, chaps come in nylon material. www.steelgripinc.com/








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