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Technology Factsheet

Anti-Contamination Encapsulating Suit

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Personal Protective Equipment > Body Protection
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The Anti-Contamination Encapsulating Suit is a one-piece, single-use, supplied-air, positive-pressure bubble suit with either remote or portable ventilation. http://www.frhamsafety.com/anti-c/encapsulating_suit.htm


• PVC, PU or vinyl acetate (available with fire-retardant treatment). • Vinyl acetate suit can be incinerated. • Reinforced elbows, knees and crotch for increased durability. • Dual zipper system—metal zipper plus a PVC zipper—provides mechanical strength and gas and liquid impermeability. • Transparent PVC hood with distortion-free visor gives 180° field of vision. • Ventilation • Air flow is adjustable from 19 to 43 cfm to adapt to different cooling and breathing needs. • Integrated manifold system distributes air throughout the suit to remove metabolic heat and keep visor from fogging. • Useful for work in hot environments (up to approximately 100ºF) such as steam generator platform, Rx Cavity, CRD and under vessel applications. • Manifold system maintains low noise levels: <78 dBa at 43 cfm. • Two patented exhaust valves prevent suction of contaminants in case of loss of supplied air or if certain body movements create a sudden negative pressure. • Also available with portable fan and filters for situations where a supplied-air line is impractical. • Integrated overshoes and PVC gloves make suiting up easier and eliminate potential leakage points. • Total weight of suit is less than 3 lbs. • Air-borne Protection Factor in excess of 80,000 for flow-rates from 500 L/min to 1000 L/min. • Protection from Discrete Radioactive Particles (DRP). • Undressing strip results in contamination free workers.






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