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Technology Factsheet


Category: Worker Health & Safety > Personal Protective Equipment > Body Protection
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FRHAM TEX II offers supreme comfort and coolness, while simultaneously maintaining a total barrier to keep you dry from the outside and the inside. Waterproof, breathable, reusable, and stretchable coverall to be constructed of multi-layer absorption, diffusion, and desorption patented technology. The system consist of a fabric matrix containing synthetic polyester crepe tricot, a hydrophilic monolithic co-polyether-ester elastomer, and a bi-directional synthetic polyester interlock substrate that is treated with a one hundred spray rated D.W.R. This patented system creates a protective garment utilizing a heat stress reduction fabric that protects the user from harmful environments while keeping the individual comfortable. The FRHAM-TEX II moves moisture away from the body. This is done by absorption, diffusion, and desorption. After the moisture is diffused to the outer layer, any air flow will dissipate and give off a cooling effect to the body core. http://www.frhamsafety.com/ftii/frhamtexII.htm


• Cools by actually transmitting moisture rather than vapor to the outside • Provides maximum breathability • Fabric is lightweight and comfortable to the skin • Durable bi-directional stretch material construction allows it to move with the body • Alleviates the discomfort of hot, expensive, plastic suits • Creates total waterproof barrier • Hydrophilic monolithic barrier film (not microporous) • Inherently add-resistant • Alleviates leaching and personal skin contamination • Environmentally friendly • Launderable/reusable • Maintains breathability after laundering • Certified incinerable for maximum volume reduction • Dramatic reduction of heat stress can extend working time by improving comfort level of workers






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