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Technology Factsheet

Anti-Contamination "BLU" Suit

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Personal Protective Equipment > Body Protection
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This garment is approved for protection against high radioactive contamination, where high air flow for heat stress cooling and maintaining a high protection factor (PF) is required. The system involves the integration of a high-powered blowing unit and four (4) high efficiency particle filter cartridges. The Micronel blowing unit enables the user to receive filtered air which is circulated to the user, thus insuring maximum cooling and protection. This suit system liberates the user of a conventional supplied air line, thus giving the worker total freedom of movement to perform his job function. http://www.frhamsafety.com/anti-c/blu_suit.htm


• Low noise level <75db • Large field of vision • Reinforced elbows, and knees along with anti-skid footing • Anti-contamination protection sleeve for supplied air connection • Dual Zipper system- metal plus PVC provides mechanical strength and gas and liquid permeability. • The blowing unit supplies filtered air at 15-23 CFM. • Lightweight (6 lb) package is strategically positioned on the back not to impede mobility or comfort. This suit moves with you in order to maximize mobility. • Unique air distribution network insures maximum comfort and protection. • Integrated overshoes, and PVC gloves makes suiting up easier and eliminates potential leakage points. • Lifetime guarantee on blowing unit. • Unit can operate up to 8 hours at 15 CFM. • Air-borne Protection Factor in excess of 20,000. • Certified to EN 1073-1 Class 4 PF > 20,000. • One to three minutes of breathable air in the suit in case of failure of air supply. • Tear-away strip running from wrist to wrist permits emergency doffing of suit in less than 5 seconds, as well as easy removal of the suit preventing cross contamination. • Tear-away strip in front of the mouth permits emergency breathing. • The blowing unit is enclosed in the suit jacket, on the inside thus eliminating the risk for contamination. • Has been tested and certified to EN 1073-1 "Supplied air suits for protection against Contamination" • Application tested in a variety of nuclear fuel cycle applications.






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