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Technology Factsheet

Lakeland Tychem Encapsulated Suits

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Personal Protective Equipment > Body Protection
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Accurate Safety is a distributor of hazmat suits from Lakeland Industries Inc. made with DuPontTychem® fabric which offers outstanding protection from highly toxic, corrosive chemicals. The hazmat suits available are: • Lakeland Tychem® TK Deluxe Fully Encapsulated Level A Suit with Wide View Faceshield • Tychem® TK Standard Fully Encapsulated Level B Suit with Front Entry • Lakeland Tychem® BR Fully Encapsulated Level B Suits


• Seams are sewn, then heat sealed, creating a strong seam that resists stress and chemical penetration • Expanded back allows for the use of an SCBA • Three-layer glove system of the Level A suit combines Butyl®, North Silvershield® and outer knit Kevlar® • Bright yellow color is easy to see, even in smoke or fog • Level B suit has a 20-mil PVC standard view faceshield • Level A suit has a patented wide-view two-layer faceshield (10-mil Teflon®, 40-mil PVC)


Tychem should not be used around heat, flames, sparks or in potentially flammable or explosive environments. Tychem garments should have a slip-resistant or anti-slip material on the outer surface boots and shoe covers for use in conditions were slipping may occur.




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