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Technology Factsheet


Category: Worker Health & Safety > Personal Protective Equipment > Body Protection
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Accurate Safety is a distributor of coveralls manufactured by Lakeland Industries, Inc., West Chester Holdings, Chicago Protective Apparel, Inc and Tingley Rubber Corporation. There is a large selection of coveralls made with each of the following technologies: Polypropylene coveralls: A strong, nonflammable, disposable fabric which provide breathable comfort. Protects against dry particulates as well as spray and splatter from water or oil-based liquids. Lakeland Tychem® BR fabric provides high-quality chemical protection, user flexibility, abrasion resistance and exceptional freedom of movement. Lakeland Tyvek® coveralls are made with a unique nonwoven, spunbonded olefin fabric which uses a patented microfiber technology to provide a durable, comfortable, impenetrable barrier against many hazardous dry particulates, including asbestos fibers and lead dust. MicroMax® HBF (High Breathability Fabric) promotes the exchange of moisture between the inside of the fabric and the exterior without compromising barrier properties SafeGuard 2000 SMS, a three-layer construction which provides protection from dry particulates and water-based liquids Tingley SafetyflexTM Flame Resistant Coveralls which are made with a heavy exterior coating of specialty PVC on polyester to resist many chemicals, including industrial acids, oils, alcohols, salts, and alkalines.


The benefits vary depending on the product. See vendor website for additional information.





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