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Technology Factsheet

Blastrac 1-15D

Category: Decontamination > Mechanical Surface Removal > Shot Blasting
Reference # : Model No : Blastrac 1-15D

Blastrac Model 1-15D is designed for medium to large scale flooring applications (2,000 - 75,000 sq.ft.) with a 15" cleaning path. This portable shot blasting system uses a high performance airless centrifugal wheel to propel blast media in a controlled pattern and direction. The abrasive metal scours the surface and rebounds into a recovery chamber where the pulverized dust and abrasive are collected. These byproducts are separated within the unit and the abrasive metal is reused to save material cost. The material removal depth attained by the unit can be controlled by the speed of the wheel and the abrasive media used. The blast unit is connected to a 654-DC vacuum that collects the airborne dust and contaminants during operation. Dimensions of Technology Model: 6'7" x 1'11" x 3' 6". Weight of Technology Model (lb): 802.


Cleans and profiles simultaneously leaving a chemically free and dry surface without airborne dust or contaminants. Recycling of blast media reduces remediation costs.


It cannot accommodate narrow passages, it has a 15" cleaning path. Steel shots may shoot outwards from machine while operating, a 15' distance is recomended to prevent being struck. Multiple passes increase the amount of spent removal media on the ground.




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