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Technology Factsheet

Knee Protection

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Personal Protective Equipment > Body Protection
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Allegro’s selection of knee protection includes: MaxKnee: Perfect for kneeling on rough abrasive surfaces. It is designed with a hard ABS knee cap that resists abrasion and works with an extra long pad for optimum comfort. QuickMax: Has a unique quick release buckle that eliminates the need for readjusting the straps. Gel MaxKnee: Insert is a Silica gel pad for maximum comfort and protection of knee cap. FlexKnee: The wrap around rubber cap design allows maximum flexibility while maintaining a secure fit. Gel FlexKnee: The silica gel insert cushions and protects the knee cap by dispersing pressure that can build from hours of kneeling. Black FlexKnee: Offers the same features as the FlexKnee. QuickFlex: FlexKnee also available with a durable quick release buckle. Non-Marking FlexKnee: Allows workers to move around the work area without marking or damaging a delicate surface such as tiling. Allegro also supplies a large selection of specialized industrial pads and specialty pads.







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