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Technology Factsheet

LTC 1073 Vacuum Blasting Machine

Category: Decontamination > Mechanical Surface Removal > Grit Blasting
Reference # : Model No : LTC 1073

Compressed air carries the media to a nozzle, which accelerates the media and impinges the surface. The media scrape the coating, rust, and contamination from the surface. A vacuum system that surrounds the nozzle collects the media and surface removed. The vacuum system separates the usable media from the remaining debris for reuse in the system. The dust separator contains angled steel collision pads which, working with the force of gravity, allow any reusable abrasive to fall back into the pressure vessel. Dust is drawn from the dust separator into the filter chamber. The filters are manually back-flushed to prevent clogging. The vacuum system may be powered by compressed air or electricity. The system can operate a single nozzle or multiple nozzles, increasing production rates. Various grades and types of media are available to tailor the media to the surface conditions. Media type and surface being removed can dramatically change the amount of secondary waste to be managed. Dimensions of Tech Model (LxWxH): 74" x 28.5" x 79.5" Weight of Tech Model (lb.): 1,800 lbs (Empty) & 2,500 -2700 lbs (with abrasive)


Vacuum system captures the majority of media and dust minimizing emissions to the environment and worker emissions exposure. The system minimizes waste generation. There are no size limitations regarding area to be decontaminated. Some models are designed for multiple nozzles on a single machine, thus increasing production rates. The LTC 1073 Vacuum Blasting Machine is a high-capacity, direct pressure blasting system. The system minimizes the downtime required for media loading and machine handling by incorporating a non-stop feed for blast media.


High noise levels are produced from blasting operation. Shrouds limit nozzle's accessibility to all surfaces. Must stay within 180 ft of delivery unit. Concrete substrate must be dry before blasting can be performed. Produces uneven surface finish.




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