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Technology Factsheet

Pegasus Chemical Coating Removal System

Category: Decontamination > Chemical Surface Cleaning > Chemical Foams or Gels
Reference # : Model No : PCRS-5

The PCRS-5 is an organic solvent mixture, that is clear in color, carries a slightly sweet odor, and is supplied in 1, 5, or 55-gallon plastic buckets. Depending on the substrate and operating conditions, PCRS-5 is applied by pouring directly from the bucket or from a smaller container, and long- and/or short-handled spreaders or trowels are used to distribute it evenly across the surface. Removal of the PCRS-5 and primary waste are achieved by scraping the surface using trowels and/or large plastic shovels.


Can remove coating from complex surface geometry's that blasting cannot reach. Can be used on both metal and concrete surfaces. No maintenance costs are incurred. No special service is required following successful coating removal. Additional coatings may be applied after a 24 hr. drying period.


Surface must be clean & dry. Dependent on applied coatings characteristics, the technology may be ineffective on some coating types. Cannot be used near any possible ignition source as PCRS-5 vapors form an explosive with air.




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