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Technology Factsheet

MSA Eye Protection

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Personal Protective Equipment > Eye Protection
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MSA provides a selection of safety goggles such as: • Softfram single lens: Effectively fitting most facial contours, the large, one-piece, .060-inch thick polycarbonate lens provides a wide, undistorted field of vision. Optional anti-fog coated lenses are available for work involving high humidity, temperature changes or greater worker exertion. The scratch-resistant coating is unaffected by most organic solvents, and detergents. • Respiratory goggles: Soft frame four-vent respirator goggles are specially constructed to wear with MSA respirators and have a .060-inch thick anti-fog clear lens. • Clearvue® 200 goggles: The frame design allows for a comfortable, secure, evenly distributed fit against the wearer's face. A flexible, rolled-in cushion at the temples provides comfort without tension or pressure points. The wide, elastic headband keeps the goggles securely in place and enables easy adjustment. The unique ventilation system, positioned just above the bridge of the nose, permits constant upward flow of air over the lens. The oversized, spherical, polycarbonate lens protects against chemical splash and ultraviolet rays, while permitting unobstructed viewing. • Rubber Frame Goggles: For use where fine dust in high-velocity concentration is a problem and where minor impact hazards exist. • Wide-Screen Goggles: A Soft frame goggle with wire screen lens designed for use by woodchoppers, field workers and others working under heavy perspiration conditions and requiring protection from flying particles. A clear, non-vented frame is standard.








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