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Technology Factsheet

Head Protection

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Personal Protective Equipment > Head Protection
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MSA provides a line of innovative head protection such as hats, caps, and helmets: • Vented Advance® Caps: Provide cooling vents for improved air circulation and comfort • Non-Vented Advance® Caps: Provide users with dielectric heat protection • Specialty V-Gard® Caps: made with a "painted look" finish. These caps are equipped with MSA's Fas-Trac® Suspension and slots to accept all MSA V-Gard Cap accessories. • SmoothDome Slotted® Cap: A tough, lightweight helmet with a Fas-Trac® Suspension. It provides comfortable head protection for workers in industries who need head protection from small falling objects. Its good dielectric properties (non-conduction of electrical current) benefit workers with those concerns, and its smooth silhouette is welcomed by welders, especially those in shipbuilding and general construction. And some workers simply prefer wearing a smooth-crowned hard hat. The SmoothDome Cap has its own distinctive Fas-Trac Suspension, defined by its bright orange crown straps. It has a warning label alerting wearers to use only THIS suspension with the SmoothDome shell. • Topgard® Slotted Caps: A lightweight, durable Topgard slotted caps and non-slotted hats are built for use by utilities and other industries where head protection from falling objects is necessary along with good dielectric properties (non-conduction of electrical current). Limited resistance to top impact or penetration is retained through a wide range of temperatures. • Thermalgard® Slotted Caps: Lightweight, high-strength, smooth crown helmets intended for use where workers may need a helmet with elevated temperature capability. The injection-molded, rivetless shell of glass-reinforced nylon has a beaded edge for improved rigidity. Slots in the cap allow for mounting hearing protection muffs, welding shields and faceshields • Thermal-E® Caps: New slotted cap made of Ultem blend provides the highest heat protection available in a Class E, Type 1 protective cap. • Skullgard® Caps: Features heavy-duty construction for use as head protection in steel mills and other heavy industries where elevated temperatures are common. • Super-V® Caps: consists of a shell, foam liner, and suspension system working together to provide limited impact and penetration protection in the event of a top or lateral blow to the head, as well as limited protection against contact with high-voltage conductors.








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