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Technology Factsheet

Trellchem Gastight/Level A Suits

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Personal Protective Equipment > Body Protection
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The Trellchem® gastight/Level A suit range includes the highest performing chemical protective clothing in the world. Trellchem® alone offers reusable single-skin suits certified to the most demanding standards in both America and Europe. Trellchem® suits provide protection against hazardous chemicals in liquid, vapor, gaseous and solid form. It is designed to carry the breathing apparatus inside the suit. The combination of elastomers and plastics with a woven fabric makes a strong and flexible material that offers an outstanding chemical barrier - more than 8 hours protection against a wide range of chemicals - coupled with an excellent resistance to attack from aggressive chemicals, provided by the outer Viton® layer. The material meets all garment material requirements of the most demanding standards in the world, including the NFPA 1991 without any added protection requirement. The standard glove assembly consists of two layers: Inner 4H SilverShield® barrier glove and outer glove made of flame retardant chloroprene rubber. The boots are fixed with an ergonomically designed ring attachment, which simplifies boot exchange and provides a smooth yet tight fit of suit material around the boot shaft.


• Strong and flexible material • Ergonomically designed for comfort






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