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Technology Factsheet


Category: Decontamination > Chemical Surface Cleaning > Biological/Microbial Degradation
Reference # : Model No : Pentek Decon System

The MOOSE is a remotely operated floor scabbler designed to scarify large concrete floor slabs in environments that require strict control of airborne contamination and debris. The MOOSE scabbler utilizes a highly effective, single-step floor scarification process with an integrated vacuum control. The scabbling head houses seven independent reciprocating tungsten carbide-tipped bits to remove protective coatings and concrete substrates. The bits pulverize the surface by delivering 1,200 hammer impacts per minute through pistons driven by compressed air. Dust and debris are captured by the on-board 23 gallon HEPA vacuum system. The six-wheel chassis is powered by dual DC motors. The SQUIRREL-III is designed to tackle small jobs and to get into tight spaces near corners, wall/floor joints, floor joints, floor penetrations, equipment pedestals, steps, and under protruding equipment. The SQUIRREL-III uses high-speed, reciprocating tungsten-carbide tipped bits to pulverize protective coatings and concrete substrate in a single-step process. The SQUIRREL-III is a manually operated pneumatic scabbler that operates in conjunction with a HEPA vacuum system. The SQUIRREL-I is a single piston, air-driven scabbler with localized exhaust; it is ideal for spot remediation in deeply settled hot areas. The SQUIRREL-I is a manually operated, hand-held scabbler similar in function to the SQUIRREL-III. The CORNER CUTTER is a hand-held pneumatically operated shrouded needle scaler that operates in conjunction with a HEPA vacuum system. Multiple hardened steel needles operate within an evacuated stainless steel shroud, which prevents the release of dust, debris, and airborne contamination. Standard shrouds allow the unit to conform to inside and outside corners and flat surfaces. Dimensions of Tech Model (LxWxH): MOOSE: 68" x 31" x 70" SQUIRREL-III: 12" x 6" x 12" SQUIRREL-I: 12.7" x 2.3" x N/A CORNER CUTTER: 14" x 1.75 x N/A Weight of Tech Model (lb): MOOSE: 1650 lbs. SQUIRREL-III: 50 lbs. SQUIRREL-I: 40 lbs. CORNER CUTTER: 9 lbs.


The Pentek Decontamination System is fully integrated with a vacuum and dust collection system. Fully contained system; no airborne dust escapes during operation. There are many commercial units available. System requires minimal time to set up and operate. System can be adjusted to remove a selected amount of surface. The SQUIRREL-III and I models and the CORNER CUTTER can reach edges and corners. The MOOSE is remotely controlled, reducing operator fatigue. The MOOSE has a built-in HEPA vacuum.


The surface of the concrete must be dry for the equipment to operate. If wet, the debris becomes wet and may clog the machine. Steel reinforcing will damage the tungsten-carbide bits. The MOOSE requires significant maintenance activities due to the large amount of force exerted on itself. In some cases, the vacuum may not be able to collect all the debris left on the surface. A second vacuuming operation may be necessary. A clean, compressed air supply is required to minimize damage to equipment. A poor compressed air supply creates condensation and oil at equipment connections. The SQUIRREL-I and CORNER CUTTER models generate substantial vibrations, which is transferred to the operator




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