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Technology Factsheet

DeconGel 1102 - Gel

Category: Decontamination > Chemical Surface Cleaning > Chemical Foams or Gels
Reference # : Model No : 1102

With DeconGel 1102 Gel, users can easily decontaminate nearly any source with ease by troweling or brushing the product onto contaminated surfaces. DeconGel offers up to 100 percent decontamination in all applications. As no mixing is required, DeconGel 1102 Gel can be used directly from the container. Because of its unique properties, application to nearly any surface, including: • Bare, coated or painted concrete • Aluminum, steel or lead • Rubber, Plexiglas, herculite • Wood, porcelain, tile and grout, • Ceramic or linoleum floors Because it’s a nearly odorless blue gel, DeconGel quickly and easily adheres to horizontal, vertical and even inverted surfaces. DeconGel quickly encapsulates contamination, locking it into the drying gel. The super tensile strength of DeconGel yields a tough, dried gel, which is easily peeled, with no unwanted tearing. Drying time for DeconGel varies, depending on humidity, air temperature and thickness of application, from as quickly as one hour (for thin coats) to overnight for large jobs. Users can easily test a small area to determine drying time prior to applying DeconGel for an entire job. Supplemental heat will accelerate DeconGel’s drying time for any job. Disposal is quick and easy, in accordance with local, state and Federal regulations. DeconGel is an economical decontamination solution, with average coverage of 25 to 100 feet per gallon, depending on surface size and characteristics. DeconGel 1102 was designed specifically as a degreaser ahead of blasting, to clean a relatively clean surface and produce a very clean surface that prevents loss of adhesion of new paint. Differences between 1101 and 1102 • 1101 has better efficacy on heavy metals and transuranics. • DeconGel 1102 has better efficacy towards hydrophobic chemicals, not just oil and grease. DeconGel 1102 is able to pick up a greater amount of oil than DG 1101 per unit weight of gel.








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