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Technology Factsheet

CO2 Pellet Blasting, TOMCO

Category: Decontamination > Mechanical Surface Removal > CO2 Blasting,Centrifugal or Supercritical
Reference # : Model No : TOMCO

TOMCO - CO2 Pellet Blasting technology has a refrigerated liquid CO2 supply and a system for converting the liquid to the solid media used to perform solid removal. Compressed liquid is allowed to expand in a pressure control chamber where the temperature drops from about - 37 degrees F to about -109 degrees F. This process causes the formation of CO2 snow. The snow is collected, compressed, and extruded though a die to produce pellets of a selected size and hardness as needed for the specific coating removal operation. The CO2 pellets remove the coating by a combination of impact, embrittlement, thermal contraction, and gas expansion. The frozen CO2 pellets provide thermal shock or cracking between contaminates and surrogate. The thermal differential advances the separation of the coating from the surface. The liquid and the gaseous molecules of the CO2 penetrate the pores of contaminant and surface. The molecules expand breaking the bond between contaminant and surface. Dimensions of Tech Model (LxWxH): 36.75" x 20«" x 39«" Weight of Tech Model (lb.): 235 lbs


The CO2 media vaporizes while cleaning, leaving only the volume of dry coating waste. Eliminates water use. It has a clean and well-defined coating removal pattern. The technology has a wide variety of nozzles that allows the technology to selectively remove individual coating layers. No separation/recycling system needed. No media disposal costs incurred. Surface damaged is minimal for steel surface because the media is non-abrasive and non-corrosive. No size limitations on parts to be stripped. The open blast system is able to reach interior corners, end corners, and thin metal edges. Reduce clean-up time. The unit allows an operational distance of 50 ft from delivery unit.


As containment surface cools production rate decreases. Requires a good ventilation system to avoid potentially dangerous CO2 concentrations in the containment area. Possible worker exposure to extreme cold. Noise level is high, which can cause damage if not properly managed. High humidity can cause the dry ice pellets to clog the lines and the nozzle. Low temperature can cause concentration of substrate. The equipment is mechanically driven, thus in addition to low temperatures it increases workers fatigue.




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