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Technology Factsheet


Category: Decontamination > Mechanical Surface Removal > Ultra-High Pressure Water
Reference # : Model No : ADMAC

The ADMAC utilizes ultra high pressure water blasting system to remove coating and rust from surfaces. The system pumps supply water to a system of rotating nozzles or a single nozzle that sprays the water stream onto the coated or rusted surface. The coating is removed by kinetic impact of the water stream. The basic system is capable of 35,000 psi blasting pressure. For the removal of secondary waste, a system is needed to collect and separate the debris from the secondary water. Both need to be treated. Dimensions of technology model (L x W X H): Not Available Weight for technology model (lb): Not Available


Can operate up to 100 feet away from the blasting unit Water can be recycled. There is no size limitation on part to be cleaned. Water encapsulates contaminants and thereby reducing airborne contaminate. System can be adjusted in order to remove individual coating layers. The technology has high stripping rate. Waste water stream is normally compatible with waste water treatment plants available at many installations. No special removal media is required. Systems are modular and require little set up time. The system was able to reach the edges of the metal.


Coating debris sludge may be hazardous waste. Waste water and residue disposal requirements will depend on the toxicity of the coating and the pigments being removed. Workers must be protected from direct impingement of water jet due to the extreme danger from the water jet. A misapplied water jet will damage the substrate. Flash rust may occur in the cleaned steel surfaces. The unit requires a rather large water supply




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