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Technology Factsheet

Gen-Eye Pipe Inspection Location System

Category: Characterization > Utilities Identification > Other
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This technology uses a video camera which can be inserted in a pipe of a diameter between 3" and 12" to allow inspecting the internal surface of the pipe. This Camera then sends a signal which is detected above ground by a detector. This system can detect cast iron pipes up to 10 ft underground and plastic pipes up to 20 ft underground. Featured products include: 1. Gen-Eye GL™ - includes a DVD recorder to provide a crisp picture with a jitter free freeze frame and a 10.6” LCD color monitor in a durable carrying case with wheels and a slide-out handle. A self-leveling color camera automatically keeps your picture upright on the monitor, making it easier for you to follow the action. 2. Gen-Eye SD™ - The Gen-Eye SD gives you all the features of a full size monitor in a compact, lightweight package. Weighing less than 10 lbs, the SD Command Module features an 8" LCD color monitor for crisp, clear pictures, an SD Card Reader to store video or still images, and a full keyboard for on-screen titling. All are safely contained in a padded case that can stand alone or mount on a reel. 3. Gen-Eye POD™- The Gen-Eye POD is an integral camera system that combines camera, reel, and monitor into an all-in-one package. You just grab it and go. The 5.6" color LCD screen is mounted on a tough, yet flexible gooseneck that swivels to give you the best viewing angle, wherever you're working. Video out connection lets you record on an external device. 4. Gen-Eye Spectra™ - The Gen-Eye Spectra™ features a state of the art 160 GB Hard Drive, DVD recorder, and a high resolution 15" LCD monitor that offers a large, crisp, clear picture of the pipeline. With this system, the operator records the video of the inspection directly onto a DVD-R disc in real-time or on the built-in 160 GB hard drive for recording up to 290 hours of inspections. The control unit is neatly condensed into a rugged case. 5. Mini-Monitor™ - The Mini-Monitor package fits in a smaller space and a smaller budget. The compact, light weight Mini-Monitor weighs just 18 lbs. And it has some of the features of the full size Command Module. Combine the Mini-Monitor with the Mini-Reel for 2” to 4’ lines or the Standard Reel for 3” to 10” lines and get a very economical package. 6. Digital Locator™ - The Gen-Eye Digital Locator lets you know exactly where the problems are. 100 sensitivity levels let you home in on the transmitter's signal. The LCD display panel produces a clear digital readout, as well as a graphic display and an audible tone. It's faster and more precise than other locators.


• Three camera options • Titler with full keyboard • Built-in AC/DC converter • On-screen distance counter • Flexibility, strength and Durability






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