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Technology Factsheet


Category: Characterization > Utilities Identification > Electromagnetic
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The EM61HH-MK2 is a “hand-held” complement to the EM61-MK2, providing greater sensitivity to smaller targets at shallow depths. A single 20 mm projectile can be detected to a depth greater than half a meter. Comparatively, a single 200 liter (55 gal.) drum can be detected to depths of greater than 2 meters. Data is collected from a single receiver at four time gates after transmitter turn-off. Information from four gates provides for the discrimination of targets based on the response decay rate; the early-time data will detect both small and large targets with short and long decay rates respectively, while the late-time data will detect only larger targets with relatively long response decay.


The EM61HH-MK2 can be operated either with or without wheels. In either configuration, the smaller, more portable design offers improved access to areas of difficult terrain and dense vegetation.






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