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Technology Factsheet


Category: Characterization > Utilities Identification > Electromagnetic
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The EM63 Metal Detector advances the application of time domain electromagnetics (TDEM) methods to the detection of unexploded ordinance. Measurement of the full transient electromagnetic response offers improved detection capability and information on target characteristics. The EM63 generates a pulsed primary magnetic field which induces eddy currents in nearby metallic objects. The decay of these eddy currents with time generates a secondary magnetic field with a specific rate of decay that is determined uniquely by the character - the size, shape, orientation and metal composition - of the object itself. The EM63 accurately measures the complete transient response over a wide dynamic range of time: measurements are recorded at 26 geometrically spaced gates, covering a time range from 180µs to 25ms. Data acquisition is supported by the Allegro (DOS) field computer (32M data storage capacity) which is able to simultaneously receive GPS data for location control.


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