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Technology Factsheet

Terra Vision

Category: Characterization > Utilities Identification > Ground Penetrating Radar
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GSSI’s TerraVision™ is a one-pass 3D system. with 14 antennas working simultaneously to gather data in real time. The power within this product lies in its ability to quickly and easily gather full 3D data in six-foot paths. Results are then calculated in the field for immediate use. Designed to collect several miles of data at a speed of five miles per hour, TerraVision delivers the full resolution of one scan per inch. At this resolution, even rebar mesh is detectable. As speed increases (up to 15mph), TerraVision automatically drops resolution and correctly smoothes the data to accommodate for scans that were not collected one inch apart. Typical Uses of TerraVision include: • Large scale utility detection • Archaeology • High-speed airport runway inspection • Site assessments on a large scale


• Array system using 14 internal antennas • Data is acquired and processed with speed • Large scale data acquisition • Cutting-edge antenna layout • Ability to collect a 6-foot wide survey path in one pass • 3D data files acquired automatically in real-time • Post-processing that can easily be done in the field • Automatic target recognition • Very user-friendly system • GPS compatible • Cart can be adapted to most vehicles






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