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Technology Factsheet


Category: Characterization > Utilities Identification > Ground Penetrating Radar
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UtilityScan™ a GPR system which allows users to immediately locate and mark buried service utilities (i.e., gas, electric and sewer lines). This system can also detect depth and location of objects such as water mains, underground storage tanks, terra cotta pipes, tree roots and voids. UtilityScan penetrates man made or natural surfaces, returning data with unsurpassed quality. You can choose from three systems: 1. 400 MHz UtilityScan Rugged System 2. 270 MHz UtilityScan Rugged System 3. 400 MHz UtilityScan Standard System Typical Uses for UtilityScan Include: • Utility detection – metallic and non-metallic • Environmental remediation • Damage prevention • Geological investigation • Turf assessment • Archaeology • Forensics • Road inspection


• Locate non-traceable utilities and water lines in real-time • Unsurpassed accuracy • User-friendly system • Instant 3D data collection • Locate and mark utilities quickly with the innovative backup cursor feature • Rugged cart-based systems that are lightweight and simple to collapse for travel • Easy data transfer to flash card • GPS integration • Versatile – SIR-3000 data acquisition system can be used with all GSSI antennas • High definition, full-color screen that is easy to read even in bright daylight • Durable components that have been tested in the world’s toughest field conditions • Affordable, turnkey solution






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