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Technology Factsheet

MALA Imaging Radar Array (MIRA)

Category: Characterization > Utilities Identification > Ground Penetrating Radar
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MALÅ Imaging Radar Array (MIRA) is a one-pass 3D system that seamlessly integrates acquisition, processing, QA/QC, positioning data, interpretation and export of results. The MALÅ MIRA system is designed using multiple antennas configured in an array. Up to 30 antennas can be used simultaneously to gather data in real time. It was designed to retain survey speed regardless of the number of antennas used. The power within this product lies in its ability to quickly and easily gather full 3D data in broad paths, so called "swots". Results are processed in 3D, displayed and interpreted through a dedicated software package and then exported into suitable GIS or CAD data formats. The MIRA solution is a complete system for all necessary steps in the target locating process, from survey to end results.


• Fully integrated 3D GPR solution • Collects more data in less time • Provides the highest resolution and detail of data • Uses ground coupled antennas for maximum near surface resolution • Dedicated software designed specifically for MIRA 3D Array data • The 3D array system conforms to array criteria • Proven technology






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