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Technology Factsheet

850 Pipe and Cable Locator™

Category: Characterization > Utilities Identification > Electromagnetic
Reference # : Model No : 850

The 850 is a pipe and cable locator which includes a transmitter, receiver, conductor attachments, ground rod, carrying case, battery charger and operation manual.


• Excellent isolation from adjacent utilities • Efficient high power 2 watt transmitter facilitates long distance locating • Transmitter impedance matching maximizes battery life • Saves time – simultaneous peak/null • Shows the path – left/right guidance system and audible tone • Pinpoints your utility and indicates strength of transmitted signal – digital signal strength • No manual gain adjustments – fully automated • Determines depth – quick and easy push button depth • Lightweight and all readouts are line-of-sight, reducing user fatigue • 92 hours of battery life for the transmitter, 150 hours battery life for the receiver






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