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Technology Factsheet

AR-1 Receiver (Ardy)

Category: Characterization > Utilities Identification > Other
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The Ardy analog receiver is a simple underground non-metallic line and septic tank locator. It includes an antenna rod which picks up the signal from the transmitter and also points you in the direction of the line. The meter indicates the strength of the peak signal (to the right) as well as the null signal (to the left). The sensitivity knob allows you to precisely control the receiver's response to the signal and acts as a volume control and on-off switch.


• The battery test button (red button on handle) takes the guesswork out of battery strength. • The near/far switch is used in the "far" position when starting the locate, then switched to "near" when the signal gets stronger. • In addition to watching the signal on the meter, you can hear it through the speaker or optional headphones. • Runs on 6 AA Alkaline batteries.






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