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Technology Factsheet

LF2000 and LF2200 Digital Receivers

Category: Characterization > Utilities Identification > Other
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The LF 2000 and the LF2200 are digital receivers for underground locating. It has a single button operation with clear guidance using LCD screens and a vibrating handle. The LF2000 locates 512 Hz sondes through cast iron or nonmetallic lines, using simple locating steps that pinpoint the sonde, finishing with automatic depth calculation. The LF2200 locates 512 Hz sondes also, using exactly the same method as the LF2000. In addition, the LF2200 does the following: • Locates 16 Hz sondes (for locating through steel or ductile iron lines) using the same method. • Locates 8 KHz sondes (for locating in nonmetallic lines only) for interference-free locating near power lines. • Traces underground metallic lines (water lines, tracer wires, power and telephone utilities, etc.) in conjuction with a line exciter like our Blue BuzzBox, at 4 different frequencies for maximum versatility. • "Sniffs" the frequency of just about any sonde or line exciter and locks on to it. • Traces underground 60 Hz power lines directly (without needing a line exciter).








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