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Technology Factsheet

RD1000 Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Category: Characterization > Utilities Identification > Ground Penetrating Radar
Reference # : Model No : RD1000™

Using radar technology, the RD1000™ displays an image map of underground features. With the RD1000™, the technician can see a pipe or cable in its topographical context making it ideal for locating and excavating utilities. The RD1000™ ships in a single container and weighs less than 23kgs (50lbs). The RD1000™ can be assembled on site in less than two minutes and can be dismantled with ease for compact storage and safe transportation. The modular design makes the RD1000™ easy to service and repair. The RD1000’s powerful DSP core displays the sub-surface map in real-time on a high-contrast LCD. RD1000™ features integrated digital color and gain enhancements that let the operator maximize locate quality and performance. The LCD features an integrated and intuitive keypad and menu system that offers the operator easy access to the advanced digital features offered by the RD1000’s DSP core. Another easy-to-use feature is Locate Mode. Unique to the RD1000™, Locate Mode, is activated simply by reversing the cart. Locate Mode provides an accurate snapshot of underground conditions and uses a cursor to indicate the depth and location of a buried utility. RD1000™ features one-touch image recording to help the technician document their findings. Images are saved to durable Compact Flash cards, which can be copied to a PC using inexpensive third-party card readers. The Compact Flash card interface also allows the user to update the RD1000™ firmware when upgrades are made available.


• Durable and ergonomic design • Powerful location performance • Simple operation • Cost-effective pricing • Built from durable, weatherproof materials, the RD1000™ offers users a comfortable and easy-to-steer product that can operate in almost any terrain. • The RD1000™ offers outstanding locate performance. • Advanced digital filtering helps the operator to eliminate unwanted signals and provide greater accuracy.






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