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Technology Factsheet

RD 2000 SuperCAT

Category: Characterization > Utilities Identification > Ground Penetrating Radar
Reference # : Model No : RD 2000

To address all applications and budgets, the SuperCAT range is available in a number of receiver and transmitter combinations. The SuperCAT+ has been developed for high performance location of multiple utilities. To support the telecoms market, the High Frequency SuperCATTL detects 131kHz or 65 kHz as high frequency locates are known to be more effective when buried assets are well insulated (e.g twisted-pair telecom cables or insulated pipe joints). Using the SuperCATS with a sonde enables location of pipes such as cast iron, clay, concrete and plastic and finally for metallic pipes with a Cathodic Protection System, the SuperCATCPS is the receiver of choice.


• Improved locate quality – Improved precision pinpointing of buried services and exceptionally fast sound and meter response. • Increased usability in electrically noisy environments • Multiple active frequencies – The ability to locate the widest of cables and pipes with the addition of two new higher frequencies of 65kHz and 131kHz. • StrikeAlertTM – Alerts the user to shallow power cables by flashing an alert icon and making a distinctive sound. • User backup – User settings are stored each time the unit is switched off whether deliberately or accidently. • Calibration date ID – To allow the user to know when the SuperCAT should be serviced, the last calibration date can be displayed. • Passive location – Provides a sweep for buried cables and pipes, detecting radio and power frequencies.






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