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Technology Factsheet

505 "GO-FER" Pipe and Cable Locator

Category: Characterization > Utilities Identification > Other
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This type of locator is widely used by gas distribution, pipeline and power companies to locate and mark utilities prior to excavation. The "GO-FER" can be operated in one of three different ways. The first is inductively, placing the transmitter on the ground directly over the buried conductor. The second method is to energize the conductor by directly connecting the transmitter to the conductor via a cable. The third operation utilizes the optional three piece handle to connect the transmitter and receiver together allowing the operator to use the fastest method known for locating unknown buried metallic objects. The 505 "GO-FER" operates at 83 kHz ± 0.005% with a peak output of 3 watts and uses 6 C-cell batteries per side. The larger capacity batteries and quartz controlled tuning give the "GO-FER" performance in the field unequaled by any other split box locator.


• Crystal controlled signal • Plug-in circuit boards for easy maintenance • Volume control: Regulates volume without affecting sensitivity • Lightweight: Operating weight 8 lbs. (3.63 kg) (with handle) • 12 month warranty






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