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Technology Factsheet

Interragator II GPR

Category: Characterization > Utilities Identification > Ground Penetrating Radar
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The INTERRAGATOR II GPR system offers the latest advancements in underground surveying for detecting plastic, cast-iron, asbestos-over-concrete, clay, metal and other types of utilities. Designed for use by contractors, municipalities and utility-locating services, the INTERRAGATOR II system can be used to scan a site before bidding or starting a horizontal directional drilling, trenching or other construction project. The INTERRAGATOR II system can be used for identifying bedrock and water-table depths or in conjunction with conventional locating and potholing techniques to assist in identifying underground metallic and nonmetallic pipes and cables down to 25' (7.6 m) deep (depending on soil conditions).


• Locating those hard to find utilities quickly will help reduce jobsite downtime and may save on expensive utility strikes • Current workers on your jobsite can be trained to use the Interragator II. Users generally consist of backhoe operators, powerline workers, drill operators, etc. • Allows the operator to quickly calibrate the GPR system for the specific work site. By simply entering the known depth to a detected target, the control unit adjusts the system parameters to provide more accurate depths to all utilities detected in the survey area. • Data can be easily stored in the computer or on CD's. The Rewriteable CD Rom Drive makes transferring data to another computer simple. • The operator may determine the depth and location of buried utilities on the data display and attach a facility label. This information is saved to a file which may be imported into the Vermeer Atlas Bore Planner software for faster and more accurate bore planning. • This feature allows the operator to view adjacent GPR profiles to help verify utility targets and assist in determining utility orientation. • View and detect buried utilities in real-time while you survey. Using the backup cursor allows the operator to accurately mark the location of buried utilities, thereby minimizing pot hole excavation efforts.






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