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Technology Factsheet

Steam Vacuum Cleaning

Category: Decontamination > Surface Cleaning > Steam Cleaning
Reference # : OST 1780 DOE/EM-0416 Model No : Kelly

The Kelly Decontamination System uses kinetic energy of superheated pressurized water to dislodge surface contaminants from the debris. The superheated water is delivered to the debris via a hand-held spray wand, or any of a series of steam/vacuum cleaning heads that integrate spray nozzles within a hooded vacuum recovery sub-system. The superheated water stream flashes to steam when it impacts the surface of the debris. The hood of the steam/vacuum head traps and collects dislodged contaminants, steam and water droplets. The waste stream passes trough a liquid separator, demister and high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter that remove contaminants and deliver clean air to the atmosphere. A detergent could be used with the unit. *Dimensions of Tech Model (LxWxH): -Control Unit - 30 x 46 x 44 in. -Cyclone - 28 x 25 x 45 in. -Demister/filter - 29 x 36 x 45 in. -Vacuum - 21 x 55 x 42 in. *Weight of Tech Model (lb.): -Control Unit - 950 -Cyclone - 175 -Demister/filter - 375 -Vacuum - 600


* The technology worked best on large smooth surfaces * Cleaning heads simultaneously collect dislodged contaminants and wastewater * The system was easy to learn and use * Cleaning heads were easily changed * Maintenance was very easy * As a result of the superheated water, washed debris dried much faster than be baseline could have


* The technology could not easily negotiate and clean irregularly shaped objects * The steam recovery hose continually ran hot, causing worker discomfort and increased risk of skin burns * Technology was ineffective in dislodging grease from debris * Vacuum hose got in the way and presented a tripping hazard




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