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Technology Factsheet

DeconGel 1120/1121 - Spray

Category: Decontamination > Chemical Surface Cleaning > Chemical Foams or Gels
Reference # : Model No : 1120/1121

Designed for hand-held power painters, DeconGel 1120 and 1121 (industrial airless sprayers) are the perfect solution for decontamination of radioisotopes as well as particulates, heavy metals, water-soluble and insoluble organic compounds, including tritiated compounds. Blue Decongel is so easy to use, there is no need for mixing or diluting the product. Because there is virtually no odor or fumes, users don’t need to wear respirators or gloves while handling DeconGel. When using DeconGel 1120 Spray, a light-duty, hand-held power sprayer with at least 2600 psi, and a wide shot tip is recommended. DeconGel can easily and quickly be applied to horizontal and vertical surfaces, to instantly control contamination. The DeconGel traps contaminants into the quick-dry, peelable gel, for 100 percent decontamination, with easy disposal. Choosing DeconGel 1121 Spray requires an industrial electric airless sprayer with capabilities of 0.95 gallons per minute (gpm) or faster and a spray tip of 0.019 inches. DeconGel 1121 Spray is ONLY recommended for non-porous (1 to 2 coats) or semi-porous materials (3 to 4 coats) and drying time will vary due to air temperature, humidity and thickness of applied coats of DeconGel 1121. Use of supplemental heat or air circulation can accelerate drying time.






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